Medications & Mothers' Milk Online


Type Description

An Individual subscription provides access for a single-user, who is a Sole Provider, to be used as a single user only. An email address is required for this subscription. This is a credit card transaction only.

Group Practice

A Group Practice subscription provides access for multiple users in a Group Practice such as a Lactation Consultation Group. A Group Practice is defined at the practice of medicine by a group of medical professionals who share the premises and other resources. A Group Practice Administrator email address is required for this subscription.

Site (formerly Institution)

A Site subscription provides access to your Organization's site without the need to enter a username and password. Access is provided to your Site by IP authentication whether they are in your location or if they are connected to your Virtual Private Network (VPN), they can access Medications and Mother’s Milk Online.

Site subscriptions are designed for Pharmacies, Libraries, Hospitals, State Agencies, Military, etc. Every location is considered a separate “Site”. For example, if a Hospital has locations in 4 cities or buildings in different regions of towns, each location would be considered a “Site”. A Site Administer email address is required for this subscription as well as your IP addresses/range(s).

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